Sorry I've been MIA...a lot has been going on and I've been working on my collection for the Blocwork Show I am in charge of. I have been breaking my back trying to have things organized and approved and all that jazz. So I have approximately 13 pieces since I have 13 models. A majority of the clothes I made happen to be dresses. Some of them are restyled, BUT before anyone gets all offended, the restyled clothes have been fixed to fit my style. One of my models tried on this restyled dress I had and her friend gave her a strange look when she told her friend that I did not make it from scratch.
It can get very difficult when you are making clothes... just saying. Of course I am going to have the emcee announce that I designed and restyled my collection. I am not going to take all the credit and claim that I made every single article of clothing.

So I have 4 clients for prom this year! Which means I will be making a four prom dresses where the price will depend on how much the materials cost + a $50 labor fee. It would probably range from $70-$100, pretty cheap compared to the ones you find in the fashion district or a retail store.

I have also been trying to look for a job! I am so tired of not being able to earn money on my own without my parents. I suppose making dresses for prom is a way to make money but that's only for a short period of time.

Hmm..what else.... oh! My dad bought me a dress form for my birthday. It hasn't come up yet but I will be turning 18. Since so much has been going on, I don't feel all that excited about turning 18... or at least about celebrating it.

So I turned in my SIR to Otis along with a $250 deposit fee. Ugh! So expensive, but that's what I expected from a private college anyways. I feel so reassured that Otis is the right school for me ever since I went to the Admitted Student Reception. Funny story...that day my friend (Julian) and I drove to Otis but ended up being lost and drove all the way to the beach (Santa Monica Beach). It took us quite a bit of time to find our way back. It's also insane how different the weather was! It was extremely foggy and chilly in Weschester, Alhambra being hot and sunny.

I feel bad about not updating so much! I have been doing my OOTDs on instagram now. I will transfer all my OOTD instagrams to this blog so I won't have these random updates.

So long ya'll!


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