Graceland Beauty & Intro to my Insecurity

My mother bought me this product because my mom is always complaining about my acne. So we tried it out last night and this stuff will literally peel off after you are finished washing your face. The great thing about this product is that it leaves your skin baby butt soft! It instructs you to use it only once or twice a week. So I will be testing this out for another month and will update on this product! So far I am impressed with it =). I have never tried a peeling gel exfoliant so this will be fun. I have gone through so many skin care products it’s insane!

I used to be so obsessed with having a clear face and wanting to look prettier and whatnot. It took me about 4 years to realize that my face is me. I shouldn’t try to look like someone else because they are much more prettier. Although I still have girl crushes on Elizabeth Olsen, Zooey Deschanal, and Alexa Chung, I understand that I should not try to be like someone else just because I idolize them. I can officially admit that I love me as a person. If there is anything I want to fix about myself, it will be for reasons other than looking like someone. I have a great boyfriend that loves me for me and I really need to take in what he says about me. Yay for confidence!

-Khanhlinh Su

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