New shoes from Wasteland!

My adorable cat Wally sniffing my new shoes. I hate how my camera is so crappy. I need to get one of those fancy schamnsy cameras.

Thank you new-pair-of-boots, because of you, I am officially broke.
But that's okay because after buying you, I made a resolution to save money and to not go shopping for selfish and unnessecary reasons! I bought these on New Years Eve with my hunnie James. They look long but it is actually a 6 1/2! It does not look so long when I wear them so that's awesome. I was always self-conscious about my large feet. So these babies ended up being $49.60 at Wasteland in Santa Monica. This thrift store is awesome because they have really cool stuff but the downside is that I always end up broke leaving the store. Damn you for making me want to buy something therefore turning into a broke girl. Ahhhh! But I do love them very much.

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