Ergonomic Swimwear Project

Our first project of the semester was based on having ergonomic and flowing designs on bathing suits. The direction was to color block and have two one pieces and one two pieces. It was really interesting to learn how to design according to certain guidelines and to actually design a cohesive collection.

My concept for this direction was to have cut outs, specifically around the chest. I wanted to force the eye to travel around the body and wonder where it begins and stops. As I designed this collection, I imagined an elegant woman with a secret lounging around a luxury poolside. Kind of like black hole that is like a woman who's dark and massive that you want to explore.(Tim & Eric reference). The sequins were a requirement to learn how to illustrate sequins as an exercise.

Next post will be about daytime dresses in striped cotton or linen fabric. Stay tuned!

Khanhlinh Su

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