Update from the past 2 years

First of all, I'm sorry for not updating as much as I should have when I started this blog. But a lot had been going on in my life.

As of now, I am 19 years old and a sophomore at Otis College of Art and Design studying Fashion Design.

Last year, my foundation year at Otis was all about the basics of art. My required classes were life drawing, form and space, drawing and composition, principles of design, connections to color theory, and random English and art history classes. I thought it was really helpful that I went through foundation because it really helped me think beyond making beautiful art and improve my drawing techniques.

Foundation year art:

Life Drawing
Mine is the middle one, the other two next to mine were my talented classmates Arpina Keurjukian(left) and Jenny Park(right)

Form and Space (wasn't my favorite class)

Drawing and Composition

Principles of Design
This is a group project about our water system, a mock public art piece. acrylic on plywood

Fashion Illustration Elective

Ethnic and favorite designer inspired. My ethnic inspiration was Vietnam

Currently I am in my second semester of fashion design. I absolutely love everything about my school's fashion design program. The classes I am taking right now are model drawing, intro to digital, studio, fashion illustration, intro to design, pattern making, textile science, and human ecology. It can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, I also have a part-time job at a bakery.

Here are some photos of what has been going on in my fashion design life.

Model Drawing

Not my drawing,this is a portrait of me drawn by my instructor, Miguel. He's so talented!
My final from first semester, striped circle skirt. Don't mind my mismatched tights with the skirt
Sarong skirt drape

Textile Science
Fabric board group project
Fashion Illustration

Experimenting with different illustration styles of male heads
Ergonomic design/direction


Overall, I am loving school although sometimes I feel like I can't handle it. I am learning so much and am looking forward to doing more projects to better myself. Also, I will be going to Paris with the fashion department for spring break. I can't wait and I will definitely be documenting and blogging about my trip. It's a shame that I will be in Paris for my boyfriend's birthday. :(

And I look pretty different now.
Our 5th Anniversary. My boyfriend James.

xx Khanhlinh Su

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