Music Artist Obsession: St. Vincent

This band...this amazing amazing band always blows my mind away. They have definitely have made it to my top 10 list. Everyone in the world HAS to listen them! I know that they suit everyone, because everyone always has that on particular music genre they tend to listen to. Yes they do sound very indie-rock and they are just amazing. Annie Clark, the lead singer, has a fabulous voice that is so angelic and mesmerizing. I do not think that they sound like any other bands or musicians. Totally unique band and once you hear it, you KNOW it's St. Vincent.

Every time they are in L.A., it's always a Tuesday! I hate that, I wish they played on the weekends more often.What also sucks is that I can't afford to go to Coachella this year and this time there are 2 weekends! Can life suck more for me?! But it's okay, one day I will be able to see them live and have an amazing time like when I went to go see Blonde Redhead.

So far they have had 3 albums: Actor, Marry Me, and Strange Mercy. I love all three albums and I will never ever get sick of listening to it. When Strange Mercy released, I listened to that album for about 2 months straight! It made me feel even more depressed that I can't see them live performing amazing songs that I know on the back of my head.


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