Pistachio & Kahlua

Haha! I look like Claire Danes in this picture.

Today, I hung out with my lovely boyfriend, James. He picked me up after school and we went to Santa Monica to shop. We went to Wasteland and he bought flannels and a pair of pants. I didn't buy anything at Wasteland because I am dead broke right now. This sucks so much! The only thing I bought was gelato from Angelato Cafe. Unfortunately it was very pricey and for $4.95 I got 2 tiny scoops. But it happened to be very tasty, it was worth splurging a little. Before our dessert, we ate at Joe's Pizza, James had a pepperoni pizza and I had a caprese pizza. It was delicious, caprese is now one of my favorite types of pizzas :). And I looked like a little girl today, screw it!

Cardigan: Boyfriends' Dress, Handbag & Blouse underneath: Salvation Army Shoes: Etsy

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