Should have went job hunting today..

I dyed my hair black and I bleached the tips! I am aiming towards a lilac color for my tips so it's going to take some time to achieve that color. I absolutely love this blouse, I love the color and details! The bib and the pearl buttons are my favorite things about this lovely blouse. I paired this with my shorts from Material Girl. I got these sick kicks on Etsy from 575Vintage. LA's weather has been crazy lately! This rain/trench coat did a good job keeping me warm and dry! I also found these old glasses in my house that used to belong to my older sister when she was about...8 years old! They look pretty dorky but I find them very cute haha.

Coat: London Fog Blouse: Salvation Army Shorts: Material Girl Tights: Ross Shoes: 575Vintage (Etsy) Bag:  Crossroads Trading Co.

Meet Vermeer! I haven't seen this girl in a long ass time. Best co-worker ever! We seriously need to find a job that will allow us to work together. We happen to have the best communication and partnership anyone would ask for. While getting fat and earning cavities, we munched on snow ice at Salju and caught up on life with each other :). Love you girl!


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