Comfort Is Key

I was searching my house for my grandpa cardigan to wear with this outfit. Good thing I didn't because this hoodie looked better! Gosh I never thought that I would like long skirts since I'm kind of short and I want to appear tall.

I had the chance to see people who I have not seen for awhile! A close family friend lived in China for about   3 years and it was great seeing him again! He is so nice and really handsome ;) but he is way too old for me and I have a boyfriend! My half-sister has an ex-husband and is currently in her second marriage. My family still adores her ex-husband, Kevin, even though he is not really related to us anymore, we still treat him like family.

Hoodie: hand-me-down A&F Blouse: $15 Forever 21 Maxi Skirt: $10 Ross Shoes: $10 Kimchi Blue (UO) Bag: $25 Forever 21 Necklace: $2 Venice 



  1. Very cute!
    For some reasons, your look reminds me about princess Jasmine in the aladdin movie.

    xx Sophie

  2. I love the outfit! It looks so comfy casual and chic. I'm short too and steer away from long skirts but have been wanting one for a while now

  3. love this outfit! you're hair is gorgeous, i'm trying to grow mine out - i'm so jealous!!


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