Music Artist Obsession: Blonde Redhead

My absolutely favorite band. Who do I have to thank for introducing me to this band? My boyfriend, James Ho. Thank you so much because they are truly amazing.

First off, Blonde Redhead consists of an amazing trio: Kazu Makino & Simone and Amadeo Pace. There is something I just love about this trio. Psychedelic rock happens to be my favorite genre. Their old albums and new albums sound really different when you compare them. Blonde Redhead, Fake Can Be Just as Good, In an Expression of the inexpressible, & Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons sound much more like noise, psychedelic and a little bit of punk to me. Misery Is a Butterfly, 23, & Penny Sparkle sounds a bit more electronic..but by VERY little. In the last three albums, they use synthesizers more than they did in their older albums.

What is my favorite album? I really love all of them but the few I listen to the most are Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, Misery Is a Butterfly, and 23.

Everybody should listen to this exquisite band because they just put you in all kinds of emotions. Sad, happy, dancey, you name it. When I saw them on July 2, 2011, it was the most memorable night of my life. I saw them at the El Rey Theater. At first I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to be in the center of the stage because I assumed that was where Kazu would've been at. I was off the the left side but once the curtain raised....I was so close and directly underneath Kazu, I saw a glimpse of her undergarments! After a night of great entertainment, we (Me and James) went back to the car and I broke down crying. I had never ever cried because of such amazing music! I wish I could see them again and I hope they come up with a new album soon. I am never left disappointed with them.

P.S. Kazu Makino and Amadeo Pace are husband and wife.



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