Long Time No Post!

It has been a while... I have been dressing like crap lately and it has been raining so I did not want to damage my camera while I take pictures outside. Today I hosted model auditions for the Blocwork Show. It went well and the girls did a good job.

I have been frustrated lately because Blocwork members have not been dedicated and from how it looks like right now, it will only be a fashion show with live entertainment. It usually has our members displaying their artwork (artists and photographers). No one that is a photographer or an artist has shown me anything! It's time for me to put my foot down and demand them to show me if they still want to participate in the show. If they do not show me ANYTHING, then I will have to exclude them from the show. I already warned them that they absolutely CANNOT lag because it just makes everything uneasy. At least 2 weeks before the show (April 27), I want to be sure that the show will go according to plan.

Being a leader is hard when you have some poor members in your club.


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