I Love Anoraks

Anoraks will simply convert your girly look into something very cute & boyish. Since I wake up around 6:45 a.m., I am constantly dealing with the morning coldness. It's horrible because by brunch time it gets warmer and I do not want to lug around a huge jacket. Good thing this anorak is very light and I seem to be wearing this a lot in my outfit looks. Please don't mind, I am just obsessed with it and I will wear it until it is completely worn out.

These shorts looks like a skirt huh? I absolutely love them.

Winter is too hot this year. This is not good.

Anorak: $10 Ross Sweater: $5 Main St. Attraction (2nd Hand Store) Belt: $10 H&M Shorts: $4 Salvation Army Shoes: $49 Wasteland



  1. Very cute outfit. I love the touch of maroon socks.


  2. I think that's a very cute outfit and you're right about how they work to make your outfit a bit less feminine which is perfect for school or work days.

  3. Great outfit and super cute skirt!


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