All about the greens (kind of)

It's funny how people automatically match the color green with natural and earthy. I'm just relaxing after a very productive and yummy day at training. I'm still in my uniform in these photos but it doesn't include the purple flannel. My work uniform is a black t-shirt with black pants and dark shoes, preferably black. I am pretty excited about working this Saturday, which is our "soft-opening". If it goes well for the next month, then hopefully I will be asked to stay on the staff.

So stuff. In the white mug I am drinking Matcha Green Tea. This is actually the first time I have ever tried matcha green tea hot. Normally I love to order Iced Green Tea Lattes from Starbucks, but this time I felt like trying Matcha Green Tea in a different and more traditional way. I understand that there is usually a really delicate procedure to making this type or any type of tea according to the Japanese. All I really know is that they clean it and whisk the tea in a very specific procedure. It would be nice if I could learn how to make tea correctly according to their customs.

In the clear mug, I'm helping myself to a healthy amount of Naked's Green Machine Juice. It's quite delicious and makes one feel better about themselves after drinking this since it guarantees its nutrients. Well I still need to finish these drinks then I'll have to think of something important I will need to do. So long!

P.S. I am also trying to lower the level of eye make-up. I broke out really badly this week so I really need to cover up my blemishes. It's time to give my skin a rest.

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