Introdocuing Luna & Wally

This is Luna. My black cat that James (my boyfriend) got for me last Christmas (2010). At first he thought Luna was a girl so that was why I even named Luna Luna. It wasn't until a week later I was examining his privates and googled pictures of cat private parts to realize that Luna is actually a boy. My sister and I decided to change his name to
Salem, but Luna just stuck with him. So I had him since he was about 4 months old, born on October 8th, 2010. He's such a cutie and I love him to death. He's made me become more and more of a crazy cat lady... oh well. This little guy has changed my life in many ways, such as learning responsibilities and having the urge to stay home more often rather than going out and having a life. I get more excited to go home as opposed to staying or going out late with my boyfriend or friends. I love Luna's neediness and talkativeness, it makes me feel important. After all, I am his mother. This cat constantly bothers me day and night and I absolutely love it!

Now this guy to the right is Wally. Wally was originally named Moonbeam by the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. My sister and her boyfriend at that time decided to take this fellow home. His personality happened to be completely opposite of Luna. Luna appears as an outgoing, friendly cat and Wally happens to be a timid, scared-y cat. He is a little chubby but thats what makes Wally! He is the cutest fat cat in my world and I would never ever replace him. At first Luna seemed lonely the first 3 months so we (my sister and I) wanted to give Luna a brother and best friend that is the same age as Luna. Wally is actually 2 months older than Luna but it's around the same age so that's fine. Luna is definitely the dominate cat in the house. At first I was skeptical about introducing Luna and Wally. I was afraid of them fighting all the time and hating each other. The first time they were introduced, the both of them were very cautious and had their guard up. Two days later they become the best of friends, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen :'). I just love my cats to death and I'm very glad that cats in general have a very long lifespan. If anything were to happen to them, I would burst into tears and turn into some crazy emo bitch. Trust me, I'm a very sensitive person.

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