A bit less stressed now

This is my sketchbook. This is the very first page introducing the viewer and letting know who the owner of this sketchbook is. I chose this as a cover to get an idea of what the rest of these 176 pages will be like.

Anyways, last night I finally submitted my application for sure to Fashion Institute of Technology.
So nerve racking! Even though I will probably not attend that school whether I make it in or not. So I have a scenario planned out in my head that will not totally destroy my chances of working in the fashion industry.

1) FIT- accepted,OTIS- rejected, CSULA- accepted :
I will not be attending FIT because of the COA and parents being unable to let their little girl go. At CSULA I will achieve a business degree and hope to run my own small business, then I hope to continue education at an art school for fashion design or fashion market management. 

2) FIT- accepted, OTIS- accepted, CSULA- accepted :
I will most likely attend OTIS and follow my dream to becoming a fashion designer. Hopefully FAFSA will give me enough money so that I will not have to pay as much. *fingers crossed!*

Go to ELAC or any CC so that I can eventually transfer. At a CC I would probably major in business or art.

I hate having to think about rejection...it makes me sad but it is something that will happen to everyone in their lifetime. Sigh, I just want my future to involve fashion and my family & friends.

- Khanhlinh Su

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