d.RA SPRING 2012 Preview Party & Sample Sale

I went to this event today with my friend,Jesse Chaves, and it was pretty cool. I didn't buy anything because I'm broke as fuck but I enjoyed being there for a bit. The people who attended this event seemed like very fashion conscious and I really liked that. It's nice being around people who care about what they're wearing and do not think fashion is dumb.

On the way to the event, I ended up getting a little lost but eventually found my way. It was really scary because it was close to skidrow...there were so many homeless people, it broke my heart =/. What was really exciting was the fact that I got the chance to see famous bloggers in person! Imagine...seeing someone you admire online in person, fucking great. I was too chicken to actually tell them that I follow their blog and I admire their style.

The clothing was fabulous. If I wasn't broke I would've bought so many items. The shoes were amazing, Seychelles will never ever disappoint me. Before I had never heard of d.RA clothing until last night when I received an email about this event. I'm glad I did because d.RA clothing definitely fits my style. The thing I liked most about this clothing line was how delicate the texture and material of the clothing were. It felt very comfortable and expensive, the best part about the clothing at this sample sale was that it was super duper affordable! At retail price, it's something I probably cannot afford since I'm only a student who hasn't started working yet. Once I receive my paycheck, I will most likely spend it on d.RA's clothes.

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