All in black for training, tomorrow I actually will be able to serve to real customers at Honey Badger Cafe. As I am writing this blog, my laptop is frustrating me because my darn iTunes will not open! & I'm helping myself to a cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Yum. It's funny, caffeine does not have much effect on is crazy how some people are really sensitive to it. So yeah, today I borrowed books from the Monterey Park Library, all of it consisted techniques and tips on watercolor, drawing, and sketching. I really will look through these books this time...and turn it in on time! I hope to improve, I need to do two sketches right now for homework. Oh! And using oats to wash your face works really's amazing. After watching Bubzbeauty's tutorial on it. Trust me, this feels better than buying products at the drugstore. First I'm going to finish my apricot scrub and garnier exfoliator, then I will never ever buy them again because I'll be using oats to wash my face foreverrr!

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