This is my first blogspot blog... new to this but I will adjust gradually. I got tired of using here I am. For some strange reason, my goal for this blog is to not have any of my friends following me. I feel like I can have my own surreal world on the internet. Lame? I hope not. Just trying something new
and hoping I can achieve followers or friends that I do not now in my reality. This is starting so sound strange so I will just stop it right here.

Although there are already so many fashion journals/diaries, my journal's goal is to have people recognize my style and this can be something fun I can look back on later in the future. I want to be thinking in the future "Hey, this took a lot of guts to start and keep up with..".

No more giving up on blogs anymore... I see this as a way to stay dedicated to something. Even if no one follows me.

So hello blogspot world. I'm Khanhlinh Su, welcome to my closet.

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